Isaac Shalom was a man of vision and insight. In 1919 during WW I , there was a need to supply the US military with handkerchiefs.  Mr. Shalom established I. Shalom & Co., to distribute handkerchiefs and bandanas nationwide.

Throughout its history I. Shalom & Co. has made numerous acquisitions:

In 1961 – acquired Davis & Cateral and S.E. Raines – domestic manufacturing
In 1974 – expanded product line to include scarves and cold weather accessories
In 1980 – acquired Kayser Roth Division from Liz Claiborne – headwear
In 2001 – acquired Jordan Accessories – handbags, backpacks and straw bags.
In 2001 – acquired Jordan Asia, of Hong Kong – wholly owned subsidiary that handles direct sales to major retailers worldwide.
In 2006 – acquired Smart Set Accessories – expanding the fashion hat and cold weather accessory category

I. Shalom & Co. renamed itself New York Accessory Group in 2001, combining all its brands and divisions under one umbrella.

Three generations, and close to 100 years since it was founded, NYAG now produces a wide range of products for customers around the world.

We are proud to have distributed over 1 billion pieces of product in our history.